About Us



Just want to start by saying thank you for looking into our services.


Tosha “BossLady”                          Will “Wyteboi Will”

Director of Operations                    President



We are two very hard working individuals that started with nothing hoping to build a legacy for our children. We strive for excellence at everything we do making sure we bring optimal entertainment to you! Solo Empire Entertainment’s matchless family/team makes sure you as the customer experiences the best quality event, every time.


Solo Empire Entertainment has a top notch graphics and design team, to make all your flyers, tickets, and websites; up to date, looking their best and of the best functionality.


We are based out of NC but go anywhere our customers need us to, just tell us your demands and budget and sit back and let us do all the work.


At Solo Empire Entertainment we offer:

  • Planning of events, concerts, parties, weddings, festivals and charities
  • Graphics for flyers, cd covers, posters, tickets etc.
  • Website generation and design
  • Features with other artists, mix-tape slots
  • Promotion for bands, artists, and businesses